Chronic Hunger is a GROWING problem in Pickens County Schools. YOU can help.

Did you know HUNDREDS of kids in our School District have NO food or VERY LITTLE food over the weekend?

1 OUT OF EVERY 17 students goes home and does not receive adequate nutrition UNTIL they return to school the FOLLOWING Monday.

NO child deserves to be hungry or thrive on an empty stomach. PLEASE help us Feed a Hungry Child.

Our Work

Feed A Hungry Child was conceived by a small group of community adults and an educator in Pickens County, SC realized there were children in our school system who had no food on the weekends. The elementary principal secured funding for the 14 students in her school to provide a basic of life, food. Once word spread, a committee was formed and students were identified at 12 of the 15 elementary schools who were also not getting the basic need of food on weekends. Three of the schools had sponsors of PTA to help in their program and did not wish to participate at the time we formed our program. Many reasons were given for the lack of food, be it parenting skills, out of work and no resources, drugs, alcohol, etc. It did not matter what the reason, we just knew children needed food to thrive and survive. Nine years since the inception of our program we are serving close to 600 students weekly.

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