How You Can Help

Only $6 a week will feed a hungry student on weekends when Pickens County school meals are not available.

Every weekend, 1 out of 17 students goes home and does not receive adequate nutrition until they return to school the following Monday. More than 900 students suffer from this problem in K4 through grade 12.  Currently we have the funding through fundraising and grants to only take care of children in elementary schools.

Update – December 2014 – We are ending the year serving 523 children
92.3% of your donations in 2014 went to feed the children of Pickens County, SC.  Thanks to everyone for the continued support.  Also, in 2015 we will start feeding the children of Grade 6 – Grade 8 while continuing to feed the children of K5 – Grade 5.


What Has Been Done

The Rock Hill School District has implemented this program in their district for several years. After one complete year they wanted to find out if it was working or not. Records were checked of the children who had participated in the program. They were shocked to find that 80% of these students had improved academically and their visits to the school nurse decreased by 40%. We aren’t testing a program to see if its works. We are trying to place a program in our schools that has already been proven it can change a child’s life.

Our History

Feed a Hungry Child PC, Inc. was established as a 501C-3 non-profit after a member of the community read a story concerning children in other parts of the Carolinas who were going hungry over the weekends and the effects it was having on their grades during the week and how a simple backpack program has shown encouraging results in addressing the problem.  Other interested community members joined in the effort and partnered with the Pickens County School District to form a program that would provide food to children in need for the entire weekend during the school year.  This is only achieved from the generous donations of individuals, businesses, churches and organizations who have a passion for seeing the children in our community thrive.

How You Can Help

Your monthly sponsorship of $6 a week or $216 a year will help us deliver nutritious, ready-to-eat food into the hands of hungry students. Your sponsorship will help provide an identified undernourished student with nutritious food on weekends during the school year, alleviate symptoms of chronic hunger, and help hungry students arrive to school ready to learn.

To sponsor a hungry student,

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or simply make out a check payable to:

Feed A Hungry Child Pickens County
P.O. Box 1573
Pickens, SC 29671

Even if you are unable to sponsor a child for a year, a donation for any amount will still help us make a difference in the lives of hungry children.

Your Donation is 100 percent tax deductible, and your sponsorship will go toward the purchase of food for hungry students. Your gift will help hungry students in Pickens County Schools have a fighting chance for success!